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glerups for those who love the outdoors

After many hints from a group of surfers from California, we introduced our models with natural rubber soles and now you could finally use glerups outside with a clear conscience.

This means that there is a pair of glerups for everyone and for both indoor and light outdoor use! Whether you are a garden enthusiast, surfer, camper, holiday home owner or just someone who loves the outdoors, we have the perfect fit. glerups are made of 100% pure, natural wool and with two different soles in leather or natural rubber.

Choose the natural rubber sole in either black or honey if you love the outdoors and are looking for a comfortable slipper that can be used for stepping outside - find inspiration below. But we have to warn you - addiction can occur ;-)

garden lover

A must-have for the garden lover and choose the slip-on model with advantage, so that you can quickly get your glerups on and off when you go in and out of the house.

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glerups are perfect for life by the water – both as driving, resting and keeping warm shoes. Actually for the whole family. Bring glerups with you and feel at home everywhere. Pleasant experience and pleasant feet.

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The perfect choice for coziness in the cottage or at home on the terrace.