Innersole 7mm, Regular - Grey

£24.00 GBP

Functional innersoles in 100% pure, natural wool and coconut coir. This natural combination of wool and coconut fibre gives you a softness and comfort in your regular footwear. Step into natural and boost your wearing comfort with glerups innersoles. The sole is suitable for all kinds of shoes and boots for adults and children (e.g. rubber boots, riding boots, work shoes, sneakers and hiking boots). Keeps your feet warm and is the ultimate isolation for your footwear. Trim the innersoles and use for kids footwear.

7 mm thick innersoles in the colour Grey for both kids and adults

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With Arch relax

Looking for a bit of support for your arch?
Then this is the model for you.


This model more or less fits all. You can easily cut and trim to optimize fitting.


We offer 5 and 7 mm. Evaluate how much room your feet have and pick your favorite.

100% pure, natural wool and 100% itch-free

Self cleaning and temperature regulating


Adjust to your feet after a few weeks of wearing


Natural coconut fibre

Absorbs moisture

Our wool

Our wool mix is unique. Only we know the recipe
and we never compromise on the quality. Our
wool mix is itch-free and soft.


The coconut fibres are a waste product from the food
industry. The fibres dry in the sun and due to the
simple handling process has low Co2 footprint.

Our partners

We aspire to the highest quality. Our partners are conscious of ours and the customers’ quality requirements. We always follow our materials from farm to foot as we have close relations and frequently visit our partners.

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